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Never Say Die

All of the hype over high-end fashion and designers may be a long lasting trend that has sprung up as of late, but Complex Magazine (as usual) has it right with this list of reasons why streetwear is still alive.  This list hold near and dear to my heart because streetwear and what Smooth represents is roots and loyalty.  Streetwear is more than just t-shirts and snapbacks; these pieces hold messages and stories that sometimes only the designers can truly see.  Nevertheless, I’ll leave you guys with one final though.  STREETWEAR WILL NEVER, EVER DIE.

Believe that. & Check The List HERE.


Get Ready, It’s A New Day

We think we are cool over here so this New Years post comes to you fashionably late.  First and foremost, I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and got wild and crazy with their family and friends on New Years.  We made it to another year, and with that comes some resolutions as you all know.  We’ve had this blog up for a year, even when SmoothNYC was just an idea and before it was even a .Com.  Since then, a lot of progress has been made.  We’ve sponsored events, our stickers have literally been slapped all over New York, the fan base has grown tremendously, and most of all we were able to make T-shirts that people liked and were willing to purchase.  That’s truly a great feeling.

Some might say we’ve accomplished something, but I definitely don’t think so; not yet.  Our goal is far bigger and better than the few things we’ve managed to do over the last few months, and I promise all of you that there is a lot more to come.  I created SmoothNYC for myself, and we plan on using it as a vehicle to help other people that show us love on a regular basis.  We have a lot in the works right now, and in time there will be more products for sale and and new & improved website as well.  The new designs blow the first one out of the water, just to let you all know.  New York will be laced in Smooth gear this year.  That’s a small resolution of ours, among many others.

That’s a concept that people don’t seem to get; these New Years resolutions.  Everyone says there going to do something on December 31, but then as each day goes by we do nothing differently.  My advice to you is to embrace that resolution and take things one day at a time to fulfill it.  Go get it! I’m not stopping you, and believe it or not no one else is in your way either.  I’ve been sitting at this computer trying to think of something special and interesting to post, but honestly it’s better for us at SmoothNYC to just talk to you guys and thank you for the support we’ve been given.  We’ve been handed an opportunity to represent ourselves and where we are from, and I guarantee than none of our supporters will be let down.  2012 is our year and we are going to do damage.

Not just  for us, but for you.  Happy New Year.

Speak Your Mind.

A little poetry for ya’ll. Here is a new video from spoken word artist Miles Hodges & his poem entitled, “Harlem.”


What Does The T-Shirt Mean To You?

I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately. But whatever, I try to put my writing into it for my own creative edge. And we post quality here so watch ’em.

The T-Shirt is an incredible thing, man.  It’s a canvas, a vehicle for people like me to create a brand and get their ideas and feelings out in a fashionable and artistic way. I make tees, and I’m proud of that. Tees are such basic and understated pieces that can stand for so much; it’s incredible. Something that so many people try to do, but only few can do it successfully. SmoothNYC will be successful, mark my words. This video is just a snippet of what’s to come for the hardcover book from T-World Magazine, coming soon. Definite cop for me. Tees Bitch!!

Keep It A Hundred

Man, believe it or not the team here at Smooth-NYC.com has come a long way.  This is our 100th post, so I just wanted to take the time to show my appreciation and thank everyone who has been showing love for us over the past couple months.  You mean a lot to us, everybody has been super helpful in promoting and supporting everything we’ve been trying to do. First things first, the summer collection is COMING SOON! Bare with us.  We’ve been working on a lot of different designs, taking time to create relationships to make sure we get in with the right people.  Good things take time, and we’ve been realizing through our creative process that certain brands execute prematurely and fall off too quick because they don’t stay true to themselves and their goals.  We won’t sell out and we know people with like our line and the message that comes with it.  Different collabs are in the works too; everyone who is sticking with us wont be dissappointed.  We got tees and tanks coming, business cards and stickers, maybe even a graphic on a skate deck.  Keep your eyes open for all that.  Don’t worry, we’ll be famous one day 😉 Here’s a source of inspiration for ya’ll to keep you motivated just like us.  Follow what you love and you can make it one day too.  I mean check my man Big Sean out…


Concrete Jungle

“The chosen one from the land of the frozen sun
When drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones
Walk like warriors, we were never told to run
Explored the world to return to where my soul begun
Never looking back or too far in front of me
The present is a gift
and I just wanna BE “

Common Be Intro

Will Fresco

The Start of a Beautiful Thing

As 2010 comes to a close and a new year is getting ready to start, we wanted to share something with you.  This is the first t-shirt design I ever made.  Originally, SmoothNYC™ was called Always Thinking.  Before I really learned anything about design or photoshop i made this design on the computer and I was pretty proud of it.  It’s just a quick draft and it’ll probably look a little different when everything is said and done.  All the details are meaningful and are significant in some way, which is important to us as a brand.  Granted, we haven’t been designing for too long and this shirt is still relatively new, 2010 has been the year we started to take off and this is a design that will stay close to me for years to come.  Maybe you’ll see it in stores someday.  Nothing major, but tell me what you think!