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Get Sylvester: Barcelona (Episode 1)

Following in the homie Levi Maestro’s footsteps, New York native and professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester gives us his debut of his new online webshow entitled, “Get Sylvester.”  Nigel takes a tour around Barcelona, Spain living it up with his boys while riding out some nice new spots along the way.  This film really inspires me to stay genuine and to have fun with the people around me, no matter what the circumstances.  The editing is really clean and I love the use of the black and white. I’ll be sure to post more of these episodes to keep you guys updated.  For now, keep it smoovin’.


Nigel Sylvester Rides For G-Shock, “1987”

“1987” by Casio G-Shock, is an urban retro-style video shot on the streets of New York City, the home of BMX icon Nigel Sylvester. The video, titled 1987 the year Nigel was born, celebrates a collaborative timepiece between Casio G-Shock and Nigel. The cinematography takes reference from classic arcade games, which is super nostalgic. As an adult, Nigel looks back on his year of birth as a time of great creative freedom and experimentation. The film was created to capture that spirit. Just riding in style, repping the city that birthed him. Queens’ own.

It’s All Love

This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve posted about Levi Maestro, and the second for Maestro On Drums Part 1 & 2.  Can’t help it man, I can’t get enough of this dude.  He’s one of my biggest inspirations, and I check out his work all the time.  The perfect example of how being yourself and being genuine and driven can get you exactly what you want out of life.  No one is stopping you, but you.

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