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Locals Only – This Saturday!

We are releasing our snapback collaboration with Private Stock this Saturday, October 20th.  Product is limited and we are already getting pre-orders, so be sure to get one for yourself.  This hat will never be restocked! See you Saturday.


SmoothNYC X D-Block

Big shoutout to Sheek Louch for sitting down and talking business with us yesterday.  SmoothNYC is now officially available in D-Block Fitted in Yonkers.  More well-known artists to be seen in some Smooth apparel soon, but the local boys got it first. D-BLOCK!!!

New York Bred, New York Fed!

Ok, so here are two samples of one of our next t-shirts.  Our summer drop is going to consist of one of these tees, as well as a new tank which you’ll see soon enough.  During the design process, we thought hey? Why not just make both of these? But instead we wanted to get our fans and supporters involved, receive your input, and release the one you like best; this is a brand for us, by us.  You are as much a part of the movement as we are, and we are so grateful for everyone who has supported us thus far. No worries, whichever one we don’t print we’ll probably release in the Fall.  So anyway, start sharing these samples, like and comment on all the social networks that these tees are floating around on, and make sure the tee you want to cop wins!  Gotta give the people what they want!

Oh, Summer drop coming to a hood near you JUNE 8TH.

Wiki – WikiSpeaks

One of the next up on the New York rap scene is Wiki, the eighteen-year-old Upper West Side native.  His latest project 1993 is pure lyricism, flow, and raw city style.  “True New York while some of you are pretending to be.”  Don’t get caught up in his nasally voice or graphic lines; this is pure underground and what raw rap music has been missing.  For such a young kid, there is so much potential, but odds are he’ll stay underground by the looks of things.  The kid has all the right hip-hop influences for a true rappers foundation, unlike most artists nowadays.  Wu-Tang, Big L, Cam’ron, Buckshot, Big Pun.  He knows the art and the culture, and he’s what the city has been missing.  So here’s my pick; Wiki. 

The Notorious B.I.G. – A Salute To The World’s Greatest

Fifteen years ago today, this world lost one of the most beloved pieces of Hip-Hop & New York Culture.  Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls was taken down in his prime, and after just two albums he is still known as one of the greatest rap artists to have ever graced this earth.  His legacy that he has left behind is celebrated every day, and his music still rocks speakers everywhere you go.  He did so much for the hip-hop game, and if not for his tragic death, he would still be performing live making the people dance like he always did.  That is the mark of a true legend.  Salute to the greatest to ever pick up the mic, rest in peace Big.

“Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one, representing BK to the fullest, gats I pull it, bastards duckin’ when Big be buckin’, chickinheads be cluckin’ in my bathroom fuckin’, IT AIN’T NOTHIN’.”


The game was great on Sunday, the Parade was insane yesterday.

Proud to be a New Yorker today.

Mixtape Of The Day

I think Dipset is one of the most underrated rap groups out there.  I’m a big fan a true New York rap music, and this mixtape is 45 tracks of just that. Take a listen.