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Had the XL80 bike, loud motor they be like “Damnnn” when I’m coming through, ‘raaaaaannnng’…..


Levi Maestro : STRO | Spot 1

Once again, Levi Maestro is on the SmoothNYC website.  This time it is with his new brand in which he calls, “STRO.”  This is the first commercial video shot by filmmaker Zach McTee, who always does a great job with his visuals.  Levi Maestro’s message is all about being yourself and doing what you genuinely love and giving it your.  He instills this message in STRO through the concept, “Make What You Love.”  STRO currently consists of snapbacks, tees, skate decks, with a lot more to come.  Once again, shouts to Levi and the launch of this new brand.

Back Like We Never Left

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make it a priority to apologize to everyone for that short hiatus.  A couple of things on the website were under construction that took a few weeks to figure out.  But we have officially taken that damn dash out of our website name and have redirected ourselves to WWW.SMOOTHNYC.COM so make sure you continue to follow the blog daily.  Also, for any inquiries email us at info@smoothnyc.com. Keep updated here to know what we may be releasing next.  Thanks for sticking with us during this break.

Lupe Fiasco – Around My Way

So the website has been under construction for the last week as we’ve been redirecting to a new location; http://www.smoothnyc.com.  That being said, I’m back to give you what you come here to see.  Lupe Fiasco is finally back.  “Around My Way” is his latest single off his up and coming album, “Food & Liquor 2,” hitting stores on September 25.  Lupe is honestly one of the best and most meaningful lyricists in the hip-hop game currently.  I love the message he gets across with this song, and just when I start to think he is being a hypocrite driving the Lamborghini, he returns it to the exotic car rental. That’s Lupe for you; Genius.  Listen to the lyrics, and enjoy the amazing visuals provided in this music video and you’ll be sure to want Lupe’s new album coming in late September.  FnF Up!

Summer Gear Is Here

The summer gear is officially here and will be up for sale beginning tomorrow morning.  Shoutout to these two lovely models for representing Smooth with style.  To see the rest of there photos, and there a lot more, check out this album.

If you are unable to come to the release party tomorrow, shop for your SmoothNYC products at http://www.smoothnyc.bigcartel.com

SmoothNYC X D-Block

Big shoutout to Sheek Louch for sitting down and talking business with us yesterday.  SmoothNYC is now officially available in D-Block Fitted in Yonkers.  More well-known artists to be seen in some Smooth apparel soon, but the local boys got it first. D-BLOCK!!!

June 8th

Just a little something to keep the people ready for Friday. Shirts are going fast, so make sure you come to Private Stock to get yours. BBQ,drinks, good people and fresh tees.  Going to be a great time and you are sure to miss out if you aren’t there.  Private Stock – 1081B Yonkers Ave. Yonkers, NY 10704.  See you there.