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Levi Maestro : STRO | Spot 1

Once again, Levi Maestro is on the SmoothNYC website.  This time it is with his new brand in which he calls, “STRO.”  This is the first commercial video shot by filmmaker Zach McTee, who always does a great job with his visuals.  Levi Maestro’s message is all about being yourself and doing what you genuinely love and giving it your.  He instills this message in STRO through the concept, “Make What You Love.”  STRO currently consists of snapbacks, tees, skate decks, with a lot more to come.  Once again, shouts to Levi and the launch of this new brand.


The Notorious B.I.G. – A Salute To The World’s Greatest

Fifteen years ago today, this world lost one of the most beloved pieces of Hip-Hop & New York Culture.  Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls was taken down in his prime, and after just two albums he is still known as one of the greatest rap artists to have ever graced this earth.  His legacy that he has left behind is celebrated every day, and his music still rocks speakers everywhere you go.  He did so much for the hip-hop game, and if not for his tragic death, he would still be performing live making the people dance like he always did.  That is the mark of a true legend.  Salute to the greatest to ever pick up the mic, rest in peace Big.

“Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one, representing BK to the fullest, gats I pull it, bastards duckin’ when Big be buckin’, chickinheads be cluckin’ in my bathroom fuckin’, IT AIN’T NOTHIN’.”

Maestro Knows: Special Edition (Frones)

Late on this one, but here is Levi Maestro’s most recent video featuring his new Vans Sneakers.  I posted the teaser video a while back, so I felt this was necessary.  The footage for this film was compiled over several years of Maestro’s filming, which really shows the dude’s journey and how far he has come. Respect.

The Hundreds New York x Penny Skateboards

First introduced in 1983, the plastic Penny skateboard is as much an institution in the history of skateboarding as maple wood itself. The Hundreds New York have collaborated with the original Australian brand Penny to create a limited edition, CMYK-inspired colorway of the beloved Penny skateboard. In this Zack McTee edit, watch as The Hundreds put the board through its paces on the New York City streets, Lords of Dogtown style. Being a growing part of the New York skate scene, we felt some of our fans would love to take a look at this video.  The board will retail for $120 USD, but production is limited to only 400 pieces worldwide; Check the official The Hundreds’ stockist list to see if the exclusive Penny will be available at your local retailer beginning Thursday, February 16. This is just one more reason why The Hundreds continues to be one of my biggest inspirations in the streetwear game.  Product Information Via Hypebeast.com

Michael Jordan Artwork by A-BB

If you follow this blog, you can tell by now that this kind of modern art really catches my eye.  So I looked around and found some pieces by artist A-BB of none other than the GOAT himself. Shout out to A-BB for his work on these prints.

Levi Maestro + Vans Vault

So if you follow smooth-nyc.com at all, you know my (Kev) biggest inspiration currently is Levi Maestro. He’s been featured on this blog countless times, creating genuine and inspiring content time after time.  Today he went live on Twitter and Facebook announcing something that he has been waiting to do for 2 year; my man’s got his own Vans. He’s Off The Wall. Do you have to like the kicks? No! But respect the hustle and appreciate his style. Proud to see what Maestro has been able to accomplish since he first came up on the scene. Love.

Bobby’s World: The Brand Before The Man

Hue TV sat down with one of my inspirations Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds, co-founder of The Hundreds. The Hundreds is one of my favorite streetwear brands because the concepts come from a place with great heart and passion.  In this 2 part interview, Bobby talks about a lot of refreshing and genuine things, like his goal of keeping streetwear alive and living his brand daily.  You can tell he is a cool and intelligent dude.  I hope that someday people can appreciate my words & opinions as much as I value the words of Bobby Hundreds.