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Haze x G-Shock – 30th Anniversary in NYC

Eric Haze truly inspires me so much.  A visionary, a revolutionary, and most importantly, an incredible artist.  Haze was one of the originators, who took his love for graffiti and hip-hop culture and brought it into the concept of skate, surf, and consumer culture.  His style is something I admire and try to emulate every day; understated simplicity in the more artistic way.  Arrows and stars, clean handwriting, pure creativity.

G-Shock and prolific artist Haze will present a major exhibition and release event in downtown Manhattan this Friday. With support of Casio, the artist organized a 25 year retrospective of the HAZE brand, which includes a variety of product collaborations with various brands along the way. The opening is set to feature the launch of the 4th signature “HAZE x G-Shock” model, which will be the first release of the brand’s 30th anniversary collection. The exhibition is set to include framed silkscreens, embroideries, baseball caps, clothing, footwear, furniture, toys, and more. The opening will be held this Friday night at SOLO on 40 Broad Street in New York City, and features this video produced by Haze and Showcobra going through 25 years of archives in preparation for the show.

True Artistry. Smooth.



Is Streetwear Dying?

While in Detroit, Atlanta’s own graffiti artist SEVER threw up this piece in to make a statement about the current direction of streetwear.  By using some popular streetwear icons, he displayed a message in hopes to kill hype and strike up controversy all over the fashion industry.  With today’s hype, maybe he has a point; there are still streetwear companies out there that maintain the heart that belongs in the game.  It’s not dead; but maybe it is falling and SmoothNYC is going to catch it.  So make sure to come to our summer release June 8th.  SEVER was in Detroit for REVOK’s Detroit Beautification Project, featured below.

Marc Jacobs vs. Kidult Feud Continues On

For those of you who aren’t aware of the current battle between fashion icon Marc Jacobs and French graffiti artist Kidult, just know that it rages on.  After tagging the word “ART” in large pink letters over Marc Jacobs’ SoHo storefront recently, Jacobs decided to take matters into his own hands by creating a limited edition graphic t-shirt implementing the vandalism in his own way.  Not only did he make the shirt, but he is selling it for $689; Kidult is seeing none of this money.  However, the shirt seen above is Kidult’s version of the same shirt, which says “Not Art by Kidult” instead of, “Art by Marc Jacobs.” His shirts are symbolically priced at £6.89. As Kidult put it during his Twitter beef with Jacobs, “@marcjacobsintl u got the one for the dumb ass, i got the one for the people, Real power is people…”  Let’s see what happens from here.  #PROPAGANDA