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Haze x G-Shock – 30th Anniversary in NYC

Eric Haze truly inspires me so much.  A visionary, a revolutionary, and most importantly, an incredible artist.  Haze was one of the originators, who took his love for graffiti and hip-hop culture and brought it into the concept of skate, surf, and consumer culture.  His style is something I admire and try to emulate every day; understated simplicity in the more artistic way.  Arrows and stars, clean handwriting, pure creativity.

G-Shock and prolific artist Haze will present a major exhibition and release event in downtown Manhattan this Friday. With support of Casio, the artist organized a 25 year retrospective of the HAZE brand, which includes a variety of product collaborations with various brands along the way. The opening is set to feature the launch of the 4th signature “HAZE x G-Shock” model, which will be the first release of the brand’s 30th anniversary collection. The exhibition is set to include framed silkscreens, embroideries, baseball caps, clothing, footwear, furniture, toys, and more. The opening will be held this Friday night at SOLO on 40 Broad Street in New York City, and features this video produced by Haze and Showcobra going through 25 years of archives in preparation for the show.

True Artistry. Smooth.



2 Chainz – Birthday Song (feat. Kanye West) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Just wanted to post this video to let everyone know that this was shot in our hometown of Yonkers, NY. Shouts to Kanye & 2 Chainz.

SmoothTV: The Dream feat. Pusha T – Dope Bitch

We know this song has been out for a minute. But the video is dope. SmoothTV.


Had the XL80 bike, loud motor they be like “Damnnn” when I’m coming through, ‘raaaaaannnng’…..

Doin’ It In The Park: A Documentary

New York native filmmaker and playground legend Bobbito Garcia has been to every major basketball court in New York City.  As any basketball player knows, New York is the mecca of the game, and pick up basketball is the true roots. It’s gritty, rough, no nonsense basketball.  A game of love, passion, and respect.  “Doin’ It In The Park,” shows us New York City from the world of pickup basketball; where anyone can give it a shot but only a few thrive enough to make it out.  This film is so real and relatable to me; everyone knows what its like to bring your A-game, knowing that if you lose, you’re not getting back on the court. So put your heart into it.  Can’t wait until this comes out, a definite must see.

Wiki – WikiSpeaks

One of the next up on the New York rap scene is Wiki, the eighteen-year-old Upper West Side native.  His latest project 1993 is pure lyricism, flow, and raw city style.  “True New York while some of you are pretending to be.”  Don’t get caught up in his nasally voice or graphic lines; this is pure underground and what raw rap music has been missing.  For such a young kid, there is so much potential, but odds are he’ll stay underground by the looks of things.  The kid has all the right hip-hop influences for a true rappers foundation, unlike most artists nowadays.  Wu-Tang, Big L, Cam’ron, Buckshot, Big Pun.  He knows the art and the culture, and he’s what the city has been missing.  So here’s my pick; Wiki. 

Get Sylvester: Barcelona (Episode 1)

Following in the homie Levi Maestro’s footsteps, New York native and professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester gives us his debut of his new online webshow entitled, “Get Sylvester.”  Nigel takes a tour around Barcelona, Spain living it up with his boys while riding out some nice new spots along the way.  This film really inspires me to stay genuine and to have fun with the people around me, no matter what the circumstances.  The editing is really clean and I love the use of the black and white. I’ll be sure to post more of these episodes to keep you guys updated.  For now, keep it smoovin’.