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Never Say Die

All of the hype over high-end fashion and designers may be a long lasting trend that has sprung up as of late, but Complex Magazine (as usual) has it right with this list of reasons why streetwear is still alive.  This list hold near and dear to my heart because streetwear and what Smooth represents is roots and loyalty.  Streetwear is more than just t-shirts and snapbacks; these pieces hold messages and stories that sometimes only the designers can truly see.  Nevertheless, I’ll leave you guys with one final though.  STREETWEAR WILL NEVER, EVER DIE.

Believe that. & Check The List HERE.


Nas Covers Complex Magazine

Nas and Complex Magazine go way back.  You might not remember, but Nas actually appeared on the cover of Complex’s first-ever issue back in the Spring of 2002. A decade later, it’s only right that we reconnect with the NYC icon for the first issue after our blockbuster 10th Anniversary celebration. It’s the beginning of Complex’s second decade, and they’re taking it back to the essence

Read the full cover story here.

Complex Reveals The Top 100 Style Trends Of The Decade

ImageComplex Magazine never lets me down.  It is definitely my favorite lifestyle website to check out.  This time, Complex takes us on a trip down memory lane with their top 100 style trends of the last ten years.  Some of them are timeless style choices while some came and when before you could even try them out.  I’m going to miss some of them, but I’m glad trucker hats and tall tees are over and done with.  By the way, look for me (Kev) as an intern for Complex in New York City this summer; that is a definite possiblilty.  Check out all 100 style trends in order right here, and make sure you browse the rest of the site too.

Chicks In Kicks

For all the sneakerheads out there, Complex Magazine brought us 100 great photos of beautiful women wearing some iconic Jordans.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that these ladies definitely do Mike’s kicks justice.  Take a look at all 100 here.