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SmoothNYC x Private Stock “LOCALS ONLY” Snapbacks

In our first official collab, we linked up with our friends over at Private Stock to make this new snapback.  Being that we’re both home grown brands, we decided to share our “Locals Only” concept with them for this product.  Limited quantities available, so make sure you get yours ASAP. The release date will be posted this weekend.  Did I mention we have a crewneck to match? Bring the cold season in with style, people.  Stay Smooth.


Bobby’s World: The Brand Before The Man

Hue TV sat down with one of my inspirations Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds, co-founder of The Hundreds. The Hundreds is one of my favorite streetwear brands because the concepts come from a place with great heart and passion.  In this 2 part interview, Bobby talks about a lot of refreshing and genuine things, like his goal of keeping streetwear alive and living his brand daily.  You can tell he is a cool and intelligent dude.  I hope that someday people can appreciate my words & opinions as much as I value the words of Bobby Hundreds.