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Never Say Die

All of the hype over high-end fashion and designers may be a long lasting trend that has sprung up as of late, but Complex Magazine (as usual) has it right with this list of reasons why streetwear is still alive.  This list hold near and dear to my heart because streetwear and what Smooth represents is roots and loyalty.  Streetwear is more than just t-shirts and snapbacks; these pieces hold messages and stories that sometimes only the designers can truly see.  Nevertheless, I’ll leave you guys with one final though.  STREETWEAR WILL NEVER, EVER DIE.

Believe that. & Check The List HERE.



Growing up, Jansport was the brand on every kid’s back.  Now that we are older, fashion is a staple in a lot of our lives. No pun intended.  Out long-time nostalgic friends at Jansport have teamed up with Jeff Staple and the people at Reed Space on this collaboration design as a part of their limited edition “Jansport Right Packs,” in which Jansport has teamed up with 21 different lifestyle boutiques around the world.  This bookbag really takes me back to childhood, but with a grown-up stylish twist to it.  Leave it to Jeff Staple to be clever and creative enough to describe today’s youth as, “Highly Edumacted.”

Levi Maestro : STRO | Spot 1

Once again, Levi Maestro is on the SmoothNYC website.  This time it is with his new brand in which he calls, “STRO.”  This is the first commercial video shot by filmmaker Zach McTee, who always does a great job with his visuals.  Levi Maestro’s message is all about being yourself and doing what you genuinely love and giving it your.  He instills this message in STRO through the concept, “Make What You Love.”  STRO currently consists of snapbacks, tees, skate decks, with a lot more to come.  Once again, shouts to Levi and the launch of this new brand.

Back Like We Never Left

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make it a priority to apologize to everyone for that short hiatus.  A couple of things on the website were under construction that took a few weeks to figure out.  But we have officially taken that damn dash out of our website name and have redirected ourselves to WWW.SMOOTHNYC.COM so make sure you continue to follow the blog daily.  Also, for any inquiries email us at info@smoothnyc.com. Keep updated here to know what we may be releasing next.  Thanks for sticking with us during this break.

Summer Gear Is Here

The summer gear is officially here and will be up for sale beginning tomorrow morning.  Shoutout to these two lovely models for representing Smooth with style.  To see the rest of there photos, and there a lot more, check out this album.

If you are unable to come to the release party tomorrow, shop for your SmoothNYC products at http://www.smoothnyc.bigcartel.com

SmoothNYC X D-Block

Big shoutout to Sheek Louch for sitting down and talking business with us yesterday.  SmoothNYC is now officially available in D-Block Fitted in Yonkers.  More well-known artists to be seen in some Smooth apparel soon, but the local boys got it first. D-BLOCK!!!

New York Bred, New York Fed!

Ok, so here are two samples of one of our next t-shirts.  Our summer drop is going to consist of one of these tees, as well as a new tank which you’ll see soon enough.  During the design process, we thought hey? Why not just make both of these? But instead we wanted to get our fans and supporters involved, receive your input, and release the one you like best; this is a brand for us, by us.  You are as much a part of the movement as we are, and we are so grateful for everyone who has supported us thus far. No worries, whichever one we don’t print we’ll probably release in the Fall.  So anyway, start sharing these samples, like and comment on all the social networks that these tees are floating around on, and make sure the tee you want to cop wins!  Gotta give the people what they want!

Oh, Summer drop coming to a hood near you JUNE 8TH.