About The Brand

Who is SmoothNYC™?  It is not so much about who we are, but more about what we represent that explains what this brand is all about.  We are genuine, we are meaningful.  We come from a place where life is symbolic rather than materialistic, focused on passion over fashion.  However, we still keep it funky and our style is dope; and it always will be.  This is what we believe in.  Love always comes over money, and we push our dreams to make them a reality.  Being Smooth is what you make of it.  It doesn’t have to mean being smooth with women, or being slick in some type of way.  It’s about being yourself, doing you and staying true to yourself.  That is truly dope and that’s the type of thing we respect.  The goal of SmoothNYC™ is to create dope products while delivering an intricate message at the same time.  To create something timeless within a given amount of time.  Our products are based on concrete culture and the New York lifestyle we grew up in.  SmoothNYC™ is a product of the 90’s, what we consider to be the most beautiful era of all time.  By achieving an appearance that represents nostalgia and innovation in one project, we hope to reach people and inspire them to do what they love.  SmoothArmy is a conscious group and we are always thinking.  The only direction is up.  This is the story of 3 kids mixing their dreams with their reality.




One response to “About The Brand

  1. We dig what you stand for! “SmoothNYC is a product of the 90’s, what we consider to be the most beautiful era of all time.” End Quote

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